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Who We

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Our Church

The Church of the Covenant is a close-knit body of believers intent on building faith in families through our mission as a Presbyterian Church U.S.A.

Presbyterians exhibit their faith through acts of generosity, hospitality, the constant pursuit of social justice and reform. But above all the mission at the heart of our Church is to proclaim the gospel of Christ.


A banner hanging above our main foyer doors as you walk outside trumpets that you are now “Entering the Mission Field.” While you might find it strange that the mission field could begin in a parking lot, the meaning is clear - everywhere and anywhere is an opportunity to act and speak in Christ’s Truth – and that just might happen where you least expect it.

Our Focus

We are focused on providing a strong support network of faith for our growing Church family, from birth and baptism through to marriage, work, retirement and in joining the Church Triumphant.


We seek to know Christ, and to make him known to the next generation, in all we do for our Church family and our community.

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Core Values

Seeking God's Will

Our prayer for God’s will to be accomplished through us precedes and undergirds every decision and effort.

Transforming Lives In Christ

  • Equipping people to discover, develop and deploy their spiritual gifts

  • Encouraging discipleship for all ages through education, worship, music and fellowship

  • Making disciples of Christ through education is key to spiritual renewal

  • Creating growth in faith through small group experiences

Existing For Others

  • Lost people matter to God and they matter to us

  • The Church of Jesus Christ exists for those outside the church building

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