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Welcome to The Church of the Covenant, a small-town church with a passion “to know Christ and to make Him known to the next generation.”  The Church of the Covenant is a close-knit body of believers intent on building faith in families through our mission as a Presbyterian Church (PC-USA). Our grand, century-old church is nestled in the heart of Washington, Pennsylvania.


Here’s what you can expect when you attend a worship service with us for the first time.


A Welcoming Atmosphere

When you arrive, stop by the Welcome Center in the Commons lobby to learn more about us and meet some friendly faces.  The Commons is the active center of our Church family, where we first enter the Church building to greet each other warmly before embarking on the spiritual work within.

What to wear? The Lord focuses on the heart more than on the outward appearance, and so do we. You’ll find a wide variety in clothing styles among our members from casual to more formal.  We aim to dress to keep the focus on Jesus Christ alone.

Stop by our Social Hour table in the Commons for coffee and treats to enjoy while you chat with our congregation members before or after the service.


Servant-Led Mission

Presbyterians exhibit their faith through acts of generosity, hospitality, and the constant pursuit of social justice and reform. Above all, the mission at the heart of the Church is to proclaim the gospel of Christ. As you exit our main entrance doors at the end of your worship service, a banner trumpets that you are Entering the Mission Field. While you might find it odd that the mission field begins in a parking lot, the meaning is clear - everywhere and anywhere is an opportunity to act and speak in Christ’s Truth – and that just might happen where you least expect it.

Christ-Centered Worship

Our worship services are reverentially God-centered, a time to rejoice and reflect on His purpose in our lives. We sing, read Scripture, pray, and listen together as our pastors guide us to gain a deeper understanding of Christ’s teachings.


Families Are Our Focus

We are intent on providing a strong support network of faith for our growing Church family, from birth and baptism through to marriage, work, retirement and in rejoining the Church Triumphant.


Our dedication to guiding the next generation of children, youth and families as they seek to know Christ is exhibited in the fun and safe environments we have created. Our children and youth ministries include our vibrant education programs for all ages, our IMPACT youth group, online community groups like Sunday School In Your Pajamas, and annual VBS outreach. To learn more, check out our Ministries page.


For additional information -- including directions, parking, and specific details

about our worship services, Plan Your Visit with us today.

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