Worship services are limited to 50 people per room.  This is being done through a first come, first served RSVP system.  Due to the coronavirus pandemic, meeting for Sunday worship services is not suitable for everyone.  We have returned to worship in the building with services at 9:43 and 11 AM, but even if we cannot see you in person, we still want to invite you to join us as we worship God! You may make a reservation by clicking RSVP FOR WORSHIP HERE.

Worship is also live streamed Sunday mornings at 11:00am on Facebook and YouTube and also broadcast on WJPA at 11:30am.

Children’s Sunday School


CHILDREN’S SUNDAY SCHOOL UPDATE Sunday school is currently on hiatus. On January 3rd we began hosting Sunday School on Zoom at 10:05 each Sunday.  We are taking this precaution to protect our teachers and students due to the rise in Covid numbers. You can receive the Zoom link by emailing Miss Yvonne @ yvonnegayle20@gmail.com.

IMPACT ~ Youth Group

The Youth have been meeting on Zoom every Wednesday and have been learning and exploring “Encounters with Jesus.”  If you would like more information on our youth group please contact Miss Yvonne at yvonnegayle20@gmail.com.

JOIN THE YOUTH IN A MATTHEW 25 CHALLENGE The youth would like to invite the congregation to join with them in a Matthew 25 Challenge which refers to Matthew 25:37-40.  The purpose is to open our minds and hearts to how others live across the globe. The challenge will last for 1 week beginning January 24th.  Each day will have an activity to help us understand the struggles other cultures live with on a daily basis. There will also be a short zoom each evening to share our thoughts and experiences. The youth are looking forward to your participation. Please email Miss Yvonne to sign up! 

EXCITING UPDATE The youth room is being remodeled!! We are exited to do some updates to create a cool space for our incredible teens. Stay tuned to see the progress!

Virtual Worship

We have returned to worship in the building with services at 9:43 and 11:00am. Our services are also live streamed on Facebook and YouTube at 11:00am each Sunday morning. You can view recorded services by clicking the links below: for previous dates please see the Video Sermon Archive Page.

Sunday, January 3, 2021 ~ CHOOSE YOUR SEARCH PARTY ~ Rev. Scott Shetter

Sunday, January 10, 2021 ~ WHAT/WHO THE HECK IS THE INTERIM PASTOR? ~ Dr. Dan Merry

Samaritan Counseling Office at The Church of the Covenant

www.samaritancounseling.net.  or call  Samaritan at 412-741-7430.

Samaritan Counseling, whom we support, is still offering counseling through video and telephone therapy. They have found that many need help especially through these difficult times. All insurances cover these tele-therapy sessions, and both UPMC and Highmark are now covering copays during the COVID-19 crisis. Also, you don’t have to live in the area to be helped by their therapists. They can work with anyone in the state of Pennsylvania by video or phone. Samaritan also offers client aid for those who may not have adequate insurance or funds. If you, or someone you know, is struggling and needs to speak to a therapist, please contact Samaritan at 412-741-7430 or through their website at samaritancounseling.net.  


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