Gifts of Securities

Gifts of securities are a convenient opportunity to support the Church of The Covenant and enhance giving with the impact of financial advantages, especially where long-term capital gains are involved. “Securities” include, publicly traded stocks, bonds, mutual funds (open-ended or exchange traded) among many less common types.

Investors will be pleased to know that highly-appreciated, publicly traded, securities held for long-term status are a special opportunity for charitable giving.

It’s a win-win situation which provides maximum benefit for the Church of The Covenant and tax advantages for the benefactor.

  • Securities held for a ‘long-term’ at the time of the gift are valued at their full Fair Market Value (FMV) when reported as an itemized charitable deduction for Federal income tax purposes, AND
  • The long-term capital gains accrued by those securities are not reported as income nor are they taxed.

Put directly, benefactors can transfer securities to the Church of The Covenant and deduct the full Fair Market Value without having gains taxed.

To see the ways that 12 shares of Apple common stock, purchased just 4 years ago, can benefit the Church and those who can give them; Read More>>>

If you would like to consider a gift of securities, please contact the Church.  Church officers are happy to work with your investment advisors.  As always, the Church of The Covenant suggests you contact your tax and legal professionals.  These advisors are in the best position to assure you every advantage to be gained from your gift.