Gifts by Credit Card

The Church of The Covenant has made provisions to receive gifts made by those who wish to use credit cards.

Most popular credit cards are accepted, including: VISA, MasterCard and Discover to name a few. Please be aware that only gifts of $25 or more can be received.

Click the button below to reach a safe, secure web site specifically designed for the solely to receive credit card gifts to the Church.

On this secure page you will be able to make an immediate gift or authorize future charges to a credit card over a period of months into the future.

Credit Card gifts can only be accepted on-line and this special web page.  Credit card use is limited to charitable gifts.  Credit card gifts cannot be made in person at the Church Office.  Nor can credit card gifts be authorized by email, or any written request on paper.   Credit card authorizations cannot be used to pay for meals, events, travel or any other payment to the Church.