Call-out to CASH

In addition to Cash, checks or money orders, other paths for cash giving to the Church include:

  • Bank-By-Phone systems operated by several banks.  Bank customers can reach their bank at a special number and use their touch-tone-phone to direct money to the Church from their bank account.
  • On-Line Banking is available through most major and regional banks.  Bank customers use their home computer, lap-top, tablet or even smart cell-phone to direct money to the Church.

Most phone and computer banking systems permit their customers to pre-authorize transfers for regular future dates or at selected intervals.  Fees for these services are not common.

  • Donor Advised Funds (DAF) distribute CASH grants to charities at the direction of their donors.  The Church of The Covenant is a kind of organization approved to receive these distributions.  Many financial firms like Vanguard Charitable…, The Fidelity Charitable… and others; receive gifts from their accountholders and then make grants whenever the accountholder’s wishes.  The Church incurs no fees in receiving these gifts.  Please notify the Church Office in advance of an upcoming grant.  This helps the Church to accurately record the gift and its origin.


  • CASH can be directed to the Church as tax-free transfers out of Traditional IRA funds of accountholders age 70 ½ or more.  These IRA Charitable Rollovers can count toward R.M.D. amounts. There are conditions and significant benefits associated with these transfers.  READ more>>>


  • CASH can also be sent directly to the Church ‘by wire.’  You can authorize your bank or financial managers to wire cash directly to the Church.  If this seems convenient, check with your bank for any applicable fees.  There are specific and detailed steps to be taken and your bankers may wish to contact the Church for addresses so that transfers can be coordinated with the Church and the Church’s bankers.  Advance notice to the Church Office  about an upcoming wire transfer and amount, helps the Church to accurately record the gift and its origin.

Cash gifts are acknowledged twice yearly by reports so that benefactors can conveniently monitor their giving and pledge progress.  Many find these handy for their tax planning purposes.