Planned & Legacy Giving

Planned and Legacy Giving is a term describing gifts made today for actual delivery to a charity at a future date, often after the span of a life.  That date is uncertain because “no one knows the length of a life”. Death or some other life event is very the date that puts plans into effect.  This requires a plan and that plan can create an enduring legacy for the Church of The Covenant.

A Bequest is the simplest kind of planned gift.  A bequest is the property or money that is promised in a will to be given to another person or organization at death. A bequest is promised to a beneficiaries.  Wills are written during life to provide for settling financial details after death.  Naming the Church of The Covenant in a will now, provides a gift to the Church for a future date.  Wills and bequests in them are useful in meeting a variety of planning goals.  For additional information, READ more>>>

A Gift of Life Insurance can have a role in planning a gift.  READ more>>>

IRA Charitable Rollovers can also have a role in estate planning. READ more>>> 

There are many other forms of planned gifts which future pages will describe.

Some of those gifts can come from:

Retirement Plans, Trusts (of many kinds), and there are even gifts which can return life-long income to the giver or family generations.

If you would like to consider a planning a gift from your estate, please contact the Church.  Church officers are happy to work with your legal advisors.  As always, the Church of The Covenant suggests that these advisors are in the best position to assure you every advantage to be gained from your gift.