Thank you so much for being open to be part of what God is doing in our midst through the Capital Campaign called  “Let there be Light!”. It is based on the creation story of God’s creative act of speaking a Word, calling the light into being, and overcoming the world’s darkness through His light and that of His Son, Jesus Christ, the LIGHT of the world. (Genesis 1: 3-4 & John 8: 12)  We will be shining light through our stained glass windows.  We will be shining light through the lives of little children in our preschool.  We will be shining light into a darkening world, increasingly unsafe, to make certain our people and our children are secure and that they find “sanctuary” with us in church.

PROJECT DETAILS:   Capital Campaign Prospectus

WAYS TO GIVE:  Giving to the Campaign

Our three-fold emphasis

  • Stained Glass Preservation
  • Sustaining our Preschool
  • Safety in Church

It will be fast-paced and we will all have to pull together to make this happen.  But it should start on April 1st and be largely over by July 2018.  Our campaign committee consists of the best and the brightest of leadership at The Church of the Covenant.  We have an extraordinarily           generous congregation.  We have an established track record of success through our previous “Light the Fire” Campaign.  And we have a loving and giving God who provides.

I believe that God has spoken and has told us to proceed with these projects.  God speaks “Let there be light!”  And “there is light” –Indeed it does happen, because God is behind it.  “And God saw that it was GOOD”  And it will be a good thing for us at The Church of the Covenant, a source of our unity, strength and faithfulness.  That’s what Genesis 1: 3-4 promises.

Thank you, dear friends, for your willingness to step forward in this important way.

God bless you and keep you.

Your friend and pastor,



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