Clerk of Session:  Jonathan Pachter


Class of 2019:   Charles Bowers, Jason Dille, Ben Evans, Robynne Myers, Connie Simon, Jeremy Zajdel.    Jim Hyland 2 yr. unexpired term (Class of 2018)

Class of 2020:   John Artuso, Sue Denmead, Wayne Hunnell, Lucy Johnson, Patty Mounts, and Butch Richmond

Class of 2021:  Fred Boni, Helen Haines, Jim Hyland, Mark O’Donnell, Kelly Smith, and Kathy Teagarden.


Class of 2019:      Kathie Hunnell, Barb Payne, Paul Phillips, Jerry Smith, Linda Taylor.

Class of 2020:   Steve Devenney, Barbara Richmond, Carol Spencer, Kay Thompson, and Bill Wilson.

Class of 2021:  Ed Breedlove, Peggy Condon, Judy Garcia, Joe Losko, David McCabe, and Chryl Walsh.