Clerk of Session:  Jonathan Pachter


Class of 2021:  Fred Boni, Helen Haines, Jim Hyland, Mark O’Donnell, Kelly Smith, and Kathy Teagarden.

Class of 2022:  April Betzner, Joyce Camlin, Donna Carlisle, Lois Core, and Jim McCrory.

Class of 2023:   Rebecca Aizupitis, Scott Day, Jeff Legler, Brian Merry, Sara Smith, Lindsay Wall.


Class of 2021:  Ed Breedlove, Peggy Condon, Judy Garcia, Joe Losko, David McCabe, and Chryl Walsh.

Class of 2022:  Emily Blose, Andrew McClellan, Deborah Powell, Jodi Scott, Deborah Takach, and Dave Warne.

Class of 2023:  Toni Hoover, Linda Marriner, Carol McClellan, Kate Merry, Jerry Smith.